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Pet Shop Essentials

by Kirsten Baum 28 Aug 2023
Pet Shop Essentials

Are you looking at stocking Alpha Spirit but unsure where to start? Let us help you! We have a wide range of products available, and it may be hard for you to choose what to sell initially, so check out our guide below on the perfect POS products!

Firstly, we recommend our bestselling 7 Days Formula Dry Food. Our retail customers favourite, this is a guaranteed seller for your shelves. Gluten-free, grain-free, meat meal free, and not extruded, this is a healthy, palatable option for all dogs.

For a Semi-moist option, we recommend our Wild Fish Dog Food. This is a softer food option to traditional dry food, and is incredibly popular amongst our customer base, as the soft food is ideal for pets with teeth problems and/or stomach issues. Additionally, as this flavour is made using only fresh fish, it is an ideal choice for pets with chicken intolerances. Our 9kg boxes are great as they contain individually portioned and 100% recyclable trays, keeping the food fresh for longer, whilst also making great sample packs.

For a unique wet food option, why not try our highly talked about Meatball Cans? Made from a minimum of 80% meat, these are packed with proteins, as well as offering the nutrients of herbs. These cans are suitable for dogs over the age of 1 and are available in a range of flavours to keep the pups excited. Feed as a complete diet or mix with one of our variety of kibbles – the choice is yours!

For our feline friends, we have our increasing popular Iberian Dry food range. With 3 flavours available, we even have foods that are especially good for sterilised or obese cats! Gluten-free and meat meal free with no artificial colours, this is a fantastic cat food choice.

Finally, for treats, you can’t go wrong with our 50g Treat Bags. Available in a variety of flavours for both cats and dogs, these are a great addition to your customers basket. Ideal for training, these are an essential for not only pet stores, but dog trainers and breeders too.

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