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International Dog Day Competition

by CS BS/HW 22 Aug 2023
International Dog Day Competition

Dog treats and snacks are a great way to reward good pet behaviour and supplement your dog’s diet, which is why our range of dog treats are high in nutritional values and only made with the best natural ingredients. Our range of treats come in many different forms like our Ham Bones or Treat Strings.

In celebration of International Dog Day, from 26th August to 2nd September we’re running a competition to win 2 free boxes of the 50g Dog Treats in a flavour of your choosing. In each box there are 24 x 50g bags!

The competition will start at 8am on the 26th August and end at 8pm on the 2nd September. All you have do to enter is like our competition post on Instagram. If you want to double your chances and throw another entry into the mix, you can share the post to your Instagram story and tag our Instagram accounts @sabrepetfood and @sabrewholesale.

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