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Why Shop With Us?

by CS BS/HW 15 Aug 2023
Why Shop With Us?

Sabre Pet Food are the official distributor of Alpha Spirit Dog and Cat Food to the UK pet trade! So why should you stock us? We thought to give you a couple of reasons why you should add our premium range of pet food to your shelves.

We offer an MOQ of only £100 (ex. VAT) which is perfect if you would like to trial our Pet Food without committing to a lifetime supply. However, if you are placing an order over £100, please note that we also offer free delivery on all order over £200 (ex. VAT). If you’re ordering from us for the first time or you have any queries about the products, we have a dedicated national sales manager on hand for advice or any visits you may need. Alternatively, we have a customer service team that are available via Live Chat, email, or telephone.

Our 7 Days Formula Complete Dog Food is our top seller at the moment, the Alpha Spirit range are all grain-free and gluten-free which will bring numerous benefits to a dog’s health, giving furry friends a healthier coat from the increase in omega fatty acids. A big reason why pet parents switch their dogs to grain-free is due to allergies; so, if you are finding your customers are struggling with their four-legged companions having upset tummies, Alpha Spirit may be the best option, resulting in happy and healthy pups!

Another bestselling range is our Semi-Moist Complete Dog Food. Semi-moist food provides many benefits to dogs, it is much gentler on their teeth and stomach, whilst providing a source of protein to their diet, making a perfect meal choice for all furry friend during any age.

A key fact to inform your customers is the different ways in which our Pet Food can be used such as for training treats, daytime snacks and of course as their main morning and evening meals.

We are excited to announce that Sabre Wholesale are finalists at the PetQuip awards 2023 for our Iberian range and our Multi Protein Semi-Moist Box! If you want to follow us and see how well we do, the awards will take place on the 1st of October at PATS Telford.

If you have any questions about the above information provided, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or if you’re ready to become a stockist click here:

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