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Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Cold

by Kirsten Baum 12 Feb 2023
Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Cold


If you have to add an extra layer of clothing to yourself, consider doing the same for your dog.

Place your dog’s bed away from windows, doors, and draughts. Give them a blanket to nuzzle under.

Don’t leave your dog in the car for any period of time – as with heat in summer, cars can get very cold very quick in winter.

A warm and waterproof coat will help short-coated dogs cope with the cold weather.

In darker hours of the day, try and put your dog in some kind of reflective clothing, so you can always keep an eye on them.

Avoid icy patches where possible when walking – this will help you and your dog prevent strains and sprains.



Keep cats away from antifreeze as it is deadly to them – make sure to clean up any spillages leftover from use.

During colder months, cats can accumulate grit in their paws. Check and clean paws regularly to make sure they don’t ingest any.

Cats will seek shelter under cars for warmth. Tap the hood of your car before driving to alert any cats hiding.

Winter weather can aggravate arthritis in cats – if your cat suffers, provide extra warmth to keep them comfortable.

Try and keep your cat inside during darker evenings to avoid accidents.

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