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Puppy to Adult Weaning

by Kirsten Baum 19 Feb 2023
Puppy to Adult Weaning

When do I change my dog from puppy food to adult food?

As a general rule, when the puppy reaches 100% of its expected size and weight it should make the transition to adult food. The development of the individual pet should be taken into account, and so it is always important to consult your vet. Your vet will know when the time is right and will be able to advise on how and when to make the transition.

It is important to wean your pet when changing their food, to help avoid upset stomachs. It is also important to monitor your pet to make sure they are taking the change well, and that they are not having any negative reactions to the new food. Typically, we would advise the following timeline for weaning from puppy to adult food:

WEEK 1: 75% puppy food, 25% adult food

WEEK 2: 50% puppy food, 50% adult food

WEEK 3: 25% puppy food, 75% adult food

WEEK 4: 100% adult food

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