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Hello February!

by Kirsten Baum 01 Feb 2023
Hello February!

February is here, cold and crisp, and we are looking back on an amazing January! We announced our competition winner, who has delightedly received a hamper filled with pet food, treats, and personalised gifts (keep an eye out as we have many more in the works)! We also started ‘Pet of the Month’, which will be announced on the last Friday of every month, with the winner receiving a bag of Alpha Spirit treats – be sure to tag us throughout the month to be entered.

With February arriving, we have plenty of exciting things in the works. Competitions, collabs, blogs, and more – be sure to keep up to date.

This month brings several awareness days, including Valentine’s Day, Love Your Pet Day, and Pancake Day. Keep an eye out for any offers or interactivity around these events.

This month we will also be introducing interactive Instagram stories, including Tuesday Quizzes, This or That Thursdays, and live Q&As.

As always, don’t forget to tag us in photos of your pets, in-store displays, and product orders for reposts! 

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