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Alpha Spirit Dog Food and Treats Guide

by Kirsten Baum 30 Jan 2023
Alpha Spirit Dog Food and Treats Guide

At Sabre Wholesale, we offer a wide range of Alpha Spirit products, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or confused on which to stock in your store. No need to worry – here is a handy guide detailing the products we have to offer!


Primal Spirit Complete Dry Food

The Primal Spirit range contains 65-70% fresh ingredients, combining meat and fish to provide all the essential nutrients from each. The Complete Dog Food is not extruded, gluten free and meat meal free, using only the freshest, most natural ingredients ensuring that your dog will stay healthy, happy, and energised. Whereas the Alpha Spirit range is grain-free, Primal Spirit does contain grain.

Alpha Spirit The Only One Dry Food

Our 7 Days Formula Complete Dog Food is a protein-rich food source, created using tenderise technology. This cooking process is similar to cooking food at home and preserves the natural goodness and nutrients of the ingredients, providing an overall healthier choice for your dog. As with the Primal Spirit Dog Food, this option is also not extruded, gluten free and meat meal free.

Alpha Spirit Semi-Moist Dog Food

Our Semi-Moist Dog Food is a softer kibble option which works particularly well for older dogs and breeds with known teeth problems. As with the dry food, it optimises the natural ingredients and nutrients of the food, providing the ideal diet for your dog. This option is also multi-protein, benefiting from the advantages of each meat and fish.

Alpha Spirit Pate Pouches

The Alpha Spirit Pate Pouches are a healthy choice for your dog and are suitable for all life stages. These are a great addition to dry food, with a variety of flavours and choices available.

Alpha Spirit Meat and Fruit Cans

A unique choice for your dogs, our Alpha Spirit Meat & Fruit Cans are an excellent choice, encouraging your pets to eat the goodness and nutrients of fresh fruit by mixing it with a delicious meat dish. The meat used to create these products comes directly from the excess production of meat destined for human consumption, making it of only the highest quality, whilst also reducing environmental impacts.

Alpha Spirit Complete Dog Food for Puppies

There are two options for dry puppy food, one dry, and one semi-moist. Both options are suitable for all breeds, and simply comes down to choice. These foods both use only fresh meat and fish, and are a healthy, nutritional option for your puppy, helping them in maintaining a beautiful coat, and leaving them strong, happy, and energised.

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