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International Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2023

by Kirsten Baum 18 Jun 2023
International Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2023

With 7% of offices allowing pets into the office now, the idea is gaining traction so it’s important to keep in mind how to keep your dog stimulated and happy in the office. Bringing your dog into the office brings many benefits to you, the company and of course your furry companion, like a happier environment, a higher retention of workers and less separation anxiety for your dog.


But of course, safety first. Make sure co-workers are okay with the dog and if they have any allergies and to keep your dog safe, dog-proof the office. A helpful tip is to have a pet-policy in place which will have a clear plan in the event of a dog being injured or if the dog injured someone.


Introducing your dog to their new environment and new friends is very important as it familiarises them with their new surrounding and makes them settle down quicker and make them feel comfortable. Creating a ‘home from home’ is a great way to make your dog settled, this can be done by bringing something from home into the office to make the environment more familiar.


Bringing toys into the office is also essential. A Kong is a great toy to stimulate the mind of your furry friend whilst you’re cracking on with some work or in a meeting. Bringing some non-squeak toys will also be great for your dog to keep them stimulated, as well as being a great bonding opportunity for your coworkers to make friends with your dog. Treats are also essential as these can be used to reward for good behaviour in the office and can be a great little snack for your furry friend. Why not try our Alpha Spirit Treat Bags?


Giving them regular toilet breaks is also important as this will make them more settled and less restless, and of course this avoids accidents in the office which can be distracting. Taking them on short walks is also great as this can easily be done on breaks and benefits the walker too, giving them physical exercise and some fresh air.


There are many things to do with your dog in the office like little play breaks, toilet breaks and socialising them with colleagues and getting them familiar with their new surroundings, bringing your furry friends into the office can be an exciting experience.

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