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How to Become a Stockist

by CS BS/HW 25 Jun 2023
How to Become a Stockist

If you’re a retailer or you own a shop, you understand the need and just how useful wholesale and bulk buying can be and here at Sabre Pet Food we have our own wholesale section! Wholesale is highly beneficial for both suppliers and you, the retailers, they’ll be decreased costs for you, final and handling which frees up your money to invest in your business!


So, who can register? As a pet food company, we mainly supply businesses and retailers within the pet industry, this includes and isn’t limited to, pet stores, registered breeders, doggy day cares, groomers, vets, garden centres, dog walkers and dog trainers. Essentially if you’re business is within the pet industry, we’ll be happy to supply you!


Now, how do you register? To register simply go to the Sabre wholesale website and click on the ‘APPLY NOW’ section. This will then take you to a registration form which will ask you some simple questions about yourself and your company and a little about your website and social media. Then once the form is all filled out and sent off, the application will be reviewed by us, and we’ll get back to you about your application.

As soon as you’re registered, you’ll be able to get supply straight away and as we have a wide variety to choose from, we thought we’d help out by give you some pointers with some of our best-selling items. One of our best-selling items is the Iberian Sardine Complete Dry Dog Food, this product is a great product to put on your shelf as it is made from extremely high-quality ingredients with no artificial colours and is suitable for all dog breeds. Another top seller is the Multi-Protein Complete Dog Food which made from fresh meat and fish with the aim to keep your dog healthy and strong, with the food being grain and gluten free it is suitable for all dogs even those with sensitive stomaches. Our best-selling cat food is the Iberian Sardine Complete Dry Cat Food, like the Iberian Sardine for Dogs, it is also made from high-quality ingredients and is suitable for all cat breeds.


So, there’s a quick guide on who can become a stockist and how to become one alongside some pointers of some best sellers to shelf in your own shop or company.

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