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June Awareness Days: Celebrate Father's Day with Sabre Pet Food

by Kirsten Baum 11 Jun 2023
June Awareness Days: Celebrate Father's Day with Sabre Pet Food


Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and Sabre Pet Food can help you to show appreciation for the dads in our lives. Throw out the boring traditional gifts and get a more unique gift with Sabre Pet Food which celebrates the special connection they have with their furry friend. Sabre Pet Food offers a lovely set of gifts which will be sure to put a smile on your dad’s face.

Personalised Pet Mugs are a favourite here at Sabre Pet Food, the mugs allow you to customise your chosen mug with a special message that will be sure to put a smile on his face. Simply type out your personalised message and it’ll be flawlessly imprinted onto a high-quality mug and every time they have a hot drink, they’ll get to read that special message and be reminded of the special connection between them and their furry companion.

Father’s Day can’t be complete without a card to go along with the presents, and at Sabre Pet Food we have a wonderful collection of cards. We offer personalised cards which you can make specially for your dad and add a heart-warming message inside it. A card may be a small gesture, but it will no doubt be appreciated and put a smile on his face.

Why not surprise your dad with something more along the lines of décor? Sabre Pet Food offers lots of personalised décor items like placemats for your dad’s best friend or a treat jar to store all those yummy treats. There is also toy boxes which can help organise toys, and quirky signs which can all be personalised to remind your dad of the unique bond between him and his furry companion.

This Father’s Day celebrate your father and his role as a loving pet parent with the help of Sabre Pet Food, whether it’s a personalised mug or card, these unique gifts will be greatly appreciated and will be sure to warm his heart.

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