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5 Things To Do With Your Pets This Summer

by CS BS/HW 24 Jul 2023
5 Things To Do With Your Pets This Summer

The Summer is perfect for activities for both you and your pets whether if it’s something you’ve done before or it’s something completely new! We’ve come up with some fun ideas for you and your pets to do and try out.


Hiking is very popular as the stunning views are clearer than ever in the Summer and the weather is perfect for it, also why not enjoy the views with your furry friend alongside you. Even if it’s your local trail or the gorgeous Peak D, your furry friend will enjoy the walk and will get to take in some beautiful views. But safety first, when hiking keep in mind the temperature and the ground you’re walking on, if you can’t keep your hand on where you’re walking for 5 seconds, it’s certainly not safe for your pup, keep some water and treats handy and look out for any shady areas.


A very popular idea in the Summer is to visit the beach! Find one of the many dog friendly beaches, pack some of your furry friends’ favourite toys like a tennis ball, or a frisbee and let them run around!


Another fun idea is a picnic! Whether it’s in your garden, in a field or by a lake you can never go wrong with a picnic, even better when you can enjoy it with your furry friend! Pack a basket filled with your favourite food like sandwiches, fruit and cheese and pack some ice-cold drinks too! But you can’t forget about your pup, bring their favourite food as well, if you’re stuck with what food to bring for your furry friend take a look at our treat range, at Sabre we offer nutritional and healthy snacks which will have your pup begging for more!


If you prefer to stay in your own space in the Summer, you can still have some fun with your pup, one idea is to set up a paddling pool in your garden and fill it with cold water and then your pup will do the rest, playing, jumping and relaxing in the water to cool off and provide some entertainment for you!


Another great idea is to set up some sprinklers. A great way to cool down and gives your favourite furry friend joy as they jump, run, and even try to bite the water! Why not make it more interesting by playing fetch whilst they’re on or even invite the neighbours dogs round.


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