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Awareness Days This August

by CS BS/HW 01 Aug 2023
Awareness Days This August

International Dog and Cat Day are separate holidays in the UK. International Cat Day falls on 8th August, and International Dog Day is celebrated on 26th August. These days are dedicated to celebrating our beloved pets and the joy they bring into our lives. They also serve to raise awareness of the benefits of having a pet and promoting adoption! So here at Sabre Wholesale we’ve put together a few things to make their day special!

A great way of showing love toward your pets is to shower them with tasty food and lots of treats! We at Sabre Wholesale stock the tastiest treats and food, they are also very nutritious and beneficial for your furry friend. Our range of dog treats is extensive - we stock Vacuum Sealed Ham Bones, Bar Strings, and of course your standard treats in all different flavours ranging from Chicken, Liver, Fish, Duck and Turkey! For your feline friends we offer your standard treats but in many different flavours like, Duck, Fish, Chicken and Turkey!

Don’t forget we also offer Dry, Semi-Moist, and Wet Dog Food. Our bestseller is the 7 Days Formula Complete Dog Food, this contains high-nutritional values and is grain and gluten-free ensuring your furry friend gets all the nutrition they need! You can shop it here:

We also offer Dry and Wet Cat Food, too. Our bestselling cat food is the Iberian Pork Complete Dry Cat Food which is made from extremely high-quality ingredients and is gluten-free for those felines with a sensitive stomach. You can shop it here:


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