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Email Benefits

by Kirsten Baum 23 Jul 2023
Email Benefits

Constantly wading through emails working out what’s junk or important to you is a task that no-one really wants, but somehow must do every day. The good news, however, is that at least once per week whilst you’re completing that morning scroll of your inbox, a Sabre Wholesale email will be there to greet you with offers, exclusive benefits, important information and handy tips for your business.


We never waste an email – emails are a purposeful, and incredibly useful tool for all businesses. Whether you own a pet shop, are a dog walker or run a grooming service from your annex, you should all have a mailing list. Having a strong mailing list gives your business extra added value because this type of audience is one that has chosen to be there – fully captivated and ready to scroll through your important content. This kind of helpful tip is exactly why you should be signed up for Sabre Wholesale emails, so we can help expand your business, not only with pet food knowledge, but with handy snippets of information, too.

One of the main reasons though that you should sign yourself up for those weekly Sabre Wholesale emails is so that you can receive the true benefits – the discount codes, the exclusive offers not applicable for anyone else and the free delivery (we love a free delivery!), not to mention exciting competitions, too. We want our email subscribers to have the best offers there are, because it’s important we show you how much you mean to Sabre Wholesale as a business. Our email exclusives include things like free gifts, certain percentages off orders or that much desirable free delivery we mentioned earlier – all of these things help you increase your profit margins or increase basket values.

And finally, of course our emails also showcase products, real customer reviews and important information about our food itself because it’s crucial that you understand the products you’ll be stocking in your stores. We want you to have extensive knowledge of our range, and truly understand why customers genuinely love the products so much – this way when you’re talking to your own customers, you’ll know exactly what to say, but also know you’re providing up-to-date and accurate information.

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