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National Hike Day, 2023

by Kirsten Baum 17 Nov 2023
National Hike Day, 2023

The 19th November is National Hike Day, 2023, and as a lover of the outdoors, I have put together a list of my favourite hikes around Derbyshire, England, for you and your canine companion to enjoy, as much as I have.

When setting out on a hike, no matter how far I’m going, I always make sure I have plenty of water for me and my pooch, snacks and a fully charged mobile phone. Whilst its unlikely, you could end up having to take an alternative route to the one you had planned, so it’s always better to be prepared for the worst.

I also tend to take a torch, a small first-aid kit, and a coat, in case the weather turns. You might want to consider anything you could want for your dog too. For example, if you’re going on a particularly long walk, shoes for your dog’s paws are great for preventing sores.

Planning your route is also very important. Knowing how long the walk is and if there are any unusual obstacles, like the stepping-stones at Dovedale, can help you determine if the walk is appropriate for you and your buddy. I tend to have a look online before setting off just in case I’ve missed something.


Walk One: The Kinder Scout Loop, from Edale

Time: 4.5 hrs (medium pace) Distance: 8.88 miles Incline: 1,650 ft.

This Hike is great for its beautiful panoramic views of Derbyshire. If you head up there on a clear day, you can see for miles and miles across the vast countryside of the Peak District. Start the hike at Edale Train Station, where parking and drop off points are available. Follow footpath signage to ‘Kinderscout’ and soon enough (0.49 mi) you’ll see the green sign for ‘The Official Start of The Pennine Way.’ Along the way you’ll come across fantastic landmarks, such as, Jacob’s Ladder, Edale Rocks, Kinder Low, and the summit of Kinder Scout.

For more details, the starting point postcode, and online route guidance, check-out this page on Komoot.


Walk Two: Mam Tor via Lose Hill, Peak District National Park

Time: 4 hrs (2.1 mph) Distance: 8.27 miles Incline: 1,325 ft.

Whilst this route is slightly shorter than Kinder Scout, its an all-time favourite for me! It is an immediate hiking tour, which means your can park at the beginning of the route. I often prefer routes with immediate park, as it just gives you peace of mind to know that the car is right there, if anything did go wrong (touch wood). Good fitness required. Easily accessible paths. Suitable for all skill levels.

Just a mile from the start, you’ll come across Peakshole Water, a natural spring and stream, that runs alongside the path for a portion of the route. It’s a great spot for hot dogs to cool off on warm days. At 3.31 miles, you’ll find the well-known collapsed road, at the foot of Mam Tor. Again, it’s another great spot for a pit-stop to have a drink and snack.

At 5.18 miles you’ll be a Hollins Cross… you’re over half way through! At 5.27 miles, you’ll get to see the fabulous views from the ridge of the mountain. Trust me, they’re worth snapping a picture.

Finally, at 8.21 miles, you’ll find ‘Café Adventure’. Perfect for a bite to eat before heading home. From here its only a few minutes back to the car.

For more details, the starting point postcode, and online route guidance, check-out this page on Komoot


Walk Three: Dam Trail, Carsington Waters, Derbyshire

Time: 1 hrs (slow/medium pace) Distance: 3 miles Inline:  n/a

This final walk on my list is a great little walk. To say the route is relatively short, there are some great views to be viewed, a visitors center and parking.

It’s a great walk if you’re new to hiking, or perhaps have an older or smaller dog, who can’t go as far anymore. As you wander through the quieter grasslands below the top of the dam, watch for a kingfisher or water vole in the brook. Listen for the drumming of a woodpecker as you pass the woodlands, and you might just get to see some really interesting wildlife.


Whilst all of the walks in my list are suitable for dogs, it is important that you take your dogs age, general health, breed, and other factors, such as the weather, into consideration, if you’re planning on bringing your four-legged friend with you. Remember, every dog is different and has different capabilities when it comes to exercise. What might be great for one dog, could be dangerous for another. You know your own dog better than anyone else, so even though the walks listed are suitable for my dog, they might not be for yours.

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