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Happy Easter

by Kirsten Baum 09 Apr 2023
Happy Easter

Happy Easter weekend from Sabre Wholesale!

Remember to keep your pets safe this weekend! With chocolate all around, be sure to keep it out of reach from pets to avoid an Easter vets trip. Why not visit your local pet store for some dog-friendly chocolate alternatives or Easter treats? Or head to our retail site for some of our delicious Alpha Spirit dog or cat treats! We also have 10% off from Monday 3rd April until Sunday 9th April on our retail site for all personalised gifts, so go the extra mile this Easter and reward your pet with a new bandana, treat jar, or more!

For our wholesale customers, enjoy 10% off for the whole month of April by subscribing to our emails and using the exclusive discount code provided! Stock up after the Easter rush with our large range of products, from Dry, Wet and Semi-Moist foods to an assortment of Treats.

Shop today at to take advantage of this offer!

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