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5 Reasons to Shop with Sabre Wholesale

by Kirsten Baum 27 Nov 2023
5 Reasons to Shop with Sabre Wholesale

At Sabre Wholesale, our mission is to supply high quality, natural and nutritious pet food to the dogs and cats of The United Kingdom. We are the official UK distributor of Alpha Spirit, a brand that strives to promote the well-being and natural feeding of pets. Alpha Spirit produces a wide variety of balanced pet foods and treats, that are designed to give our four-legged friends the optimum natural diet, and closely resemble the kind of diet that they would have enjoyed in the wild.

We’re passionate about natural pet foods and want to share all of the benefits of giving your pets a natural, well-balanced diet, with as many pet owners as possible. That is where you come in.

By setting up a wholesale account with us, and stocking our products in your stores, you’ll not only be getting high-quality produce, at a reduced, wholesale price, but also be giving your customers the option to feed their pets a nutritious and well-balanced diet.

Find below 5 key reasons why you should shop with Sabre Wholesale.


1: Allergies and Food-Sensitivities

Many of the products within our range are gluten, grain, and meat meal free making them immediately more suitable for animals who suffer with allergies or food-sensitivities.

A lot of the feedback we get from customers is that their beloved pet has enjoyed the food and treats, without experiencing upsets that they have in the past, when using other providers. This is because our products are made from entirely natural ingredients, and have high nutritional values.

2: Fast, Free and Efficient

Our dedicated customer service team are committed to making sure that you get your products as quickly as possible and if anything should ever be not quite right, they’re always on-hand to resolve any issues as efficiently as possible, to keep you, and your dedicated customers, as happy.

We offer FREE DELIVERY on all trade orders over £200.00, so you won’t have to incur any extra charges when our products end up being really popular with your customers. We strive to have your orders with you within 1-2 working days, so you’ll be able to restock quickly.

See here for further delivery and returns information.

3: Sabre Supplements

We now offer our very own range of dog supplements. Having worked tirelessly to research and source naturally formulated recipes for our supplements, we’re proud to now be able to offer them to our wholesale customers. We have a supplement designed to maintain a healthy digestive system, one made to target and relieve stress and anxiety, and another to support dogs’ joints and mobility.

4: A Bit of Something for Everyone

Whether you’re buying for your cat or dog, wanting dry, semi-moist, or wet foods, foods designed for puppies, treats, or supplements, our range offers something for everyone.

5: Dogs and Cats LOVE it!

We haven’t actually tried it ourselves, but our pet food is so tasty, any dog who tries it always seems to enjoy it. My precious pup used to be so fussy until I switched her over to Alpha Spirit, and now she wolfs down her meals (pardon the pun).

If you have any more questions or queries, please get in touch with us, and we’ll be able to help with anything you need.

Our full terms and conditions are available here.  


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