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Stockists Wanted

by Kirsten Baum 08 Jan 2024
Stockists Wanted

Here at Sabre Pet Food Wholesale, we’re on a mission to supply the dogs and cats of the UK with a 100% natural diet, that replicates the one they would have enjoyed in the wild. We are the only UK supplier of Alpha Spirit Pet Food, a brand that prides itself on the quality of its produce and unique manufacturing process.

Unlike other pet food producers, the manufacturing process is 100% natural, as are the ingredients. The food is cooked at a low temperature and cold-pressed, which preserves the nutritional integrity of the ingredients and creates a more natural, minimally processed pet food option.

That is where you come in. Because Alpha Spirit is still a relatively new brand within the UK pet food market, we still have a long way to go in spreading the word. We want as many pet owners as possible to have access to Alpha Spirit, which is why we’re keen to get our products in local pet shops and get more and more animals enjoying Alpha Spirit.

Our range consists of dry dog food, semi-moist dog food, wet dog food, wet and dry cat food, treats, and our very own range of dog health supplements. There really is something for everyone!

To get involved and join our mission, click here and sign up for a wholesale account. We offer free delivery on all orders over £200.00 and have a £100.00 minimum order. For more information, get in touch with our team here.

For more reasons why you should introduce Alpha Spirit Pet Food into your range check out this blog at
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