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Primal Spirit Food Guide

by Kirsten Baum 14 May 2023
Primal Spirit Food Guide

Looking for an affordable, high-quality dog food option? Our Primal Spirit range is perfect for you!

Gluten-free, meat meal free, not extruded, and free of artificial colours and flavours, the choice is simple! Primal Spirit is the ideal food for your pet store.

Our Primal Spirit range comes in 5 flavours, including:

  • Wanderlust Chicken & Fish
  • Wild Waters Chicken & Fish
  • Rebel Farm Chicken & Fish
  • Oceanland Chicken & Fish
  • Wilderness Pork, Chicken & Fish

In addition to this, we also have a NEW range of Primal Spirit, made using Iberian Pork, available in the following flavours:

  • Iberian Pork with Ham
  • Iberian Pork with Salmon
  • Iberian Pork with Sardine

All flavours are available in both 1kg and 12kg bags.

Our Primal Spirit kibble has a minimum of 60% fresh ingredients, focusing on only fresh and natural ingredients to ensure dogs are kept energised and healthy. Made without cereals, gluten or meat flours, this food is ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The combination of meat/fish, rice, fruit and herbs offers pups the optimal diet, providing the nutrients they require without the nasties found in other dog food options.

For full ingredient lists, head to and browse our product listings.

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