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5 Ways to Celebrate Easter With Your Friends

by Kirsten Baum 26 Mar 2023
5 Ways to Celebrate Easter With Your Friends

With Easter on its way, here are some fun ideas to include your well loved pets in the celebrations!

  1. “Easter Egg” Hunt

Easter hunts aren’t just for humans – get your pets involved too! Hide treats around the room and watch your dogs and cats have fun searching for them!

  1. Host a photo shoot

Get creative! Set a scene and stage the perfect Easter photos to last a lifetime! Share on social media or use them to make Easter cards. Try experimenting with props and use our Alpha Spirit treats as a reward to get them eyeing the camera!

  1. Have a shopping spree

Take your pets to a local pet shop and treat them to an Easter gift – our Alpha Spirit food and treats are available to purchase at several retailers around the country!

  1. Make Easter biscuits

We recently shared a great recipe for dog friendly biscuits! See what Easter shapes you can turn them into – why not try bunnies, eggs or carrots?

  1. Go for a Sunday walk

There’s nothing a dog loves more than a nice, simple walk in the outdoors. Treat them to a long trip out and enjoy the fresh air.

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