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10 Dog-Friendly Days Out

by Kirsten Baum 12 Mar 2023
10 Dog-Friendly Days Out

Stuck with ways to entertain your dog? Here are 10 dog-friendly days out to keep your dog happy, healthy and energised!

  1. Take your dog to a local dog-friendly swimming pool – swimming is a great form of exercise for dogs, especially those with bone or joint problems, whilst also being a lot of fun!
  2. Go to the beach – on those warmer days, take your dog for a day out to the beach, letting them run through the sand and swim in the sea (make sure the beach is a dog-friendly one!) Finish the day with a dog safe ice cream
  3. Head to the Peak District – there are many fun walks around the Peaks, perfect for dogs with high energy levels who need a good run around
  4. Visit a country park or heritage site – there are many beautiful sites across the UK, why not bring your dog along and let them enjoy the trip too?
  5. Organise a puppy playdate – dogs love spending time with other dogs, so arrange a meet up with a friend and bring both dogs along to increase their social time
  6. Take your dog on holiday – why not make a day trip a weekend trip? Take your dog for a weekend camping, or how about a caravan stay?
  7. Visit a dog-friendly pub or café – dogs like a meal out too! Find a local, dog-friendly eatery and take your pup along with you!
  8. Visit a farm – take your dog out for a day to the farm and see what they think of all the animals
  9. Go for a picnic – make a packed lunch for yourself and your four-legged friend, and head to the park for a picnic in the sun! Take a ball along and encourage your dog to let off some steam
  10. Find a breed-specific meet up – join a breed-specific group on social media and find a meet-up to take your dog to. If there aren’t any, why not organise one and let your dog meet some new friends?
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